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Why Do You Like Mpreg?

Ah, the age-old question. I've never actually been asked this, because most of the people who know me in RL don't know I like it, and I've only ever tried to puzzle it out in my own mind. But here's my personal answer to the "Why do you like it?" query:

Why Kermit Loves Her Some MpregCollapse )

So...yep. That is Why I Love Mpreg in a nutshell. What are YOUR reasons?

A List and Two More Comm Rules


So far, nobody who I've sent an invitation to has gotten back to me. But no rush, there's plenty of time to have members start to join.

In the meantime, there are two comm rules I'd like to add to the list:

1. When posting a fic, please use HTML.

2. BEFORE posting a fic, proofread it! If you're not good at catching your own spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, ask your beta to look over it for you and correct anything s/he finds. Everyone will thank you for it!

And now a list that I wanted to make into a "Shit People Say" video of my own, but I am a terrible video editor and the trend has already kind of passed, so I figured I'd just post it in list form here instead. Feel free to add to it if you like!

Shit People Say to Mpreg FansCollapse )

Now off to do more pimping of this comm. Bye!


Welcome, everyone!

As an ardent Mpreg fan and writer, I have been knocking up other people's characters for at least ten years now. But I sometimes wish it was as easy to write Original Character Mpreg as it was to pick out two of JK Rowling's male characters and have them procreate together. If only, right?

That is why I've created this comm, which I like to call The Loretta Project, after the famous (and quite hilariously accurate) scene from Monty Python's "Life of Brian." We're already familiar with all the reasons why men CAN'T have babies, but who's to say we don't have the right to WRITE about them having babies?

(Video embedding isn't working, so here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFBOQzSk14c)

Whether you're new to writing Original Mpreg, have been writing it for a long time, or are just curious about how to make it more credible, this community is the place to post, discuss and share all your Original Mpreg work. All members are welcome to post stories, recs and icons, discuss likes and dislikes about common tropes in Mpreg, and generally have a good time.

However. A few ground rules before we begin:

1. PLEASE TAG. Tag each fic entry with your author name, word length of your fic, rating, warnings, and genre. I will remind you if you don't tag properly. Always good to be organized!

2. NO TROLLING. Any member who posts nothing but "Mpreg sucks" posts and bashes other members indiscriminately will be banned.

3. NO BASHING OF OTHERS. We've all got our respective kinks, squicks and "would rather not reads." That's fine. There are many varieties of Mpreg and no one is required to love them all. Please post clear warnings for readers if your fic contains material that some may find objectionable. If you find a story objectionable, do not criticize the author when you were fairly warned. Not commenting at all is far more diplomatic.

4. BE SUPPORTIVE. Not all of you are seasoned Mpreg writers, and there may be members with different levels of writing experience on here. If someone is looking for a beta, by all means volunteer! Also, be constructive with your criticism.

5. ONLY ORIGINAL WORK. Sorry, no fanfiction allowed. Any posting of fanfiction, whether yours or a rec, will be asked to be taken down.

6. HAVE FUN! What more need I say? Play nicely at all times, and no oppressing anyone!



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