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lorettaproject's Journal

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A community especially for Original Mpreg fans and writers
Do you write Original Mpreg? Want to find ways of making your OMpregs more believable? Need or want to be a beta for your fics? Make yourself at home here at The Loretta Project and see what you can learn!

All members must be over 15 and abide by the community rules, which are as follows:

1. NO TROLLING. Any member who does nothing but post "Mpreg sucks" or bashes people indiscriminately will be banned immediately. We'll have no oppressing here!

2. ONLY ORIGINAL WORKS. Sorry, no fanfiction allowed. Anyone posting fanfiction will be required to remove it.

3. BE SUPPORTIVE. If you need or want to be a beta for someone, by all means volunteer! Constructive critiquing is always good. Remember, there are different levels of writing experience here.

4. TAG, TAG, TAG. Seriously, use tags to indicate author name, word length, fic length, warnings and ratings. If you don't tag properly, I will leave a reminder for you in the comments.

5. BE CONSIDERATE. Not everyone will like the same kind of Mpreg, and that is fine. Make it clear if your fic contains material that others might find objectionable. But do not complain if you read a story that had warnings all over it. Not commenting at all is kinder than trashing a story when warnings were ignored.

6. HAVE FUN! Need I say more?

If you have any questions, please PM me or email me. Thank you and have a great time!